We welcome patients that have Insurance!

Our Doctor is Board Certified in Family Medicine and is a specialist in treating patients over the age of 18 years. For a small enrollment and monthly membership fee, you can join our clinic, and get all the benefits of affordable and convenient access to specialized medical care. Let us be your specialist and primary care physician (PCP). Get expert guidance regarding all your medical care.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) which is offered at our clinic is simple, clear and transparent specialized medical care provided by a board-certified physician offered directly to you without the need for insurance to determine your care. Our service is not an insurance plan, and not meant to take the place of insurance. Since we are not insurance agents, this is not advice on which plan to choose. But here are some examples of how our current members are utilizing our DPC membership at Premier Direct Care with their insurance plan.

Why should I join when I already have coverage?

Because coverage does not always equate to care.

Traditionally you call and make an appointment. This appointment is typically weeks in advance. You arrive at the office, fill out tons of paperwork, then wait in the waiting room for another long time. Once you are with the doctor, they sometimes only have time to address one issue and many a time spend most of it typing into a computer. And before you can get comfortable, you are scooted out of the office. And this is if you are lucky enough to see a Doctor. Some times you only see a PA (physician assistant) or an NP (nurse practitioner) when you actually thought you were going to see a Doctor (MD of DO). At Premier Direct Care, we do things differently. Our Doctor keeps the schedule open for same day and next day appointments. The Doctor also schedules appointments in one hour and thirty-minute intervals depending on what is required for that visit. Also, you don’t have to come into the office to get your health concerns answered, most of the time, since you will have access to the doctor by telephone, text, email or video(this is also called Telehealth).

See the same doctor every time you visit. 

Yes, you heard correctly. Our Doctor will get to know each patient individually. Like the old-fashioned family doctor used to do. You won’t get the run around with a different doctor and much less with and extender such as a nurse, nurse practitioner or physician assistant every time you visit with your doctor.

No Hidden Fees. 

Our prices are transparent. One flat monthly fee for all the services provided within our office. By signing up for a membership, an estimated 80-90% of all of your health needs can be addressed within our office, making your monthly budget for healthcare more predictable.

As a membership based Direct Primary Care practice, you will have access to:

-unlimited office visits with a Board-Certified Family Physician and Fellowship trained Geriatric specialist*

-next day, or if available, same day office visits*

-home visits**

-Unlimited communication with our Doctor by telephone, text, email or video conference

-access to discounted lab testing in office

-access to discounted x-rays, cat scans, MRI’s and ultrasounds

-access to discounted medications

-preventative screenings:

            Blood pressure

            Aspirin use

            Depression screening

            Diabetes (type 2) screening

            Diet counseling

            Fall prevention

            Obesity screening

            Sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention counseling

            Coronary artery disease counseling

-ear wax removal

-EKG (heart test)

-spirometry (test for asthma and COPD)

-low cost steroid joint injections

-and much more…

*Base on need and urgency determined by our Doctor and you.

**Based on need for an additional fee.

In Summary

Having a Primary Care Physician who is available to you, responsive to your needs, and makes the time available to communicates with you and your family is essential as we mature and develop more complex health care needs and conditions. Unfortunately, under the current Insurance system, it is difficult for physicians to find the time to truly get to know their patients. This is not the case when you have a Direct Primary Care physician from Premier Direct Care, since most our Doctors time is devoted to patient care and not satisfying the Insurance participation and billing requirements. Consider joining or clinic and experience what it like to have a physician dedicated to you and your health.


We are a Direct Primary Care or DPC practice. DPC removes insurance and bureaucracy from the Doctor/Patient relationship .