Insurance independent

We welcome patients that are Insurance independent!

We realize that not everyone chooses to use health insurance. Many also, choose to belong to a health sharing plan. Our membership is designed to work very well in both of these cases. We are integrated with great partners and specialist that understand the benefits of cash-based pricing. Bypassing insurance allows for access to low prices for medications, labs testing and imaging. With these discounts and our ability to focus on your health care, we can be an excellent and affordable option for your ongoing health care.

Our membership + Safety net = your choice

We believe that every member should have a plan in place for when emergency hospitalization/ surgery or other more serious care is needed.  By having an established and ongoing relationship with your family doctor, we can develop a plan to maintain your optimal health level and help minimize or anticipate many health events. Pairing our membership with your safety net of choice such as with a good Health Sharing network (, high deductible PPO health insurance or self-funding one can get well rounded and affordable care.


Direct Primary Care (DPC) which is offered at our clinic is simple, clear and transparent specialized medical care provided by a board-certified physician offered directly to you without the need for insurance. Our service is not an insurance plan, and not meant to take the place of insurance.


Our prices are transparent. One flat monthly fee for all the services provided within our office. By signing up for a membership, an estimated 80-90% of all of your health needs can be addressed within our office, making your monthly budget for healthcare more predictable. As a membership based Direct Primary Care practice, you will have access to: -unlimited office visits with a Board-Certified Family Physician and Fellowship trained Geriatric specialist* -next day, or if available, same day office visits* -home visits** -Unlimited communication with our Doctor by telephone, text, email or video conference -access to discounted lab testing -access to discounted x-rays, cat scans, MRI’s and ultrasounds -access to discounted medications -preventative screenings: Blood pressure Aspirin use Depression screening Diabetes (type 2) screening Diet counseling Fall prevention Obesity screening Sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention counseling Coronary artery disease counseling -ear wax removal -EKG (heart test) -spirometry (test for asthma and COPD) -low cost steroid joint injections -and much more… *Base on need and urgency determined by our Doctor and you. **Based on need for an additional fee.


We are a Direct Primary Care or DPC practice. DPC removes insurance and bureaucracy from the Doctor/Patient relationship .